Nutritionist told, who can’t drink mineral water

Диетолог рассказала, кому нельзя пить минеральную воду

Drinking healing mineral water a healthy person is not recommended, said the capital’s dietitian Elena Solomatina.

Recently a Russian scientist, leading researcher of FITS food and biotechnology Alla Pogozheva said about the health risks excessive amounts of fluid in the diet, because the body of the washed nutrients. In turn, the nutritionist Elena Solomatina said in an interview with the newspaper “Evening Moscow” about how risk can be attributed to the drinking of mineral water, and whom it is impossible to drink.

Solomatina said that healthy people mineral water can be drunk without restrictions (including a reasonable daily intake of water in General). Your personal rate of fluid can be calculated by multiplying its own weight (number of kilograms) by 30 milliliters, said the doctor.

The dietician stated: to replenish fluid balance in the body to do a few SIPS every half hour.

As for mineral water, drink it it is necessary. This water is divided into alkaline and acidic, are assigned strictly on the grounds, and a healthy person to drink it is generally not recommended, the expert said. Alkaline mineral water is assigned when the ulcer or gastritis, while acidic mineral waters in these diseases is taboo.

The nutritionist added that if there are problems with the gastrointestinal tract can harm even mineral water gas can irritate mucous membranes, to strengthen existing in the digestive tract inflammation.

“If there are problems with the esophagus or stomach should not drink any water enriched with carbon dioxide,” – said the expert.