Nutritionists allowed to eat at night: 6 foods that triggers weight loss in your sleep

Диетологи разрешили есть по ночам: 6 продуктов, запускающих похудение во сне

As you know, nutritionists against evening raids on the refrigerator, saying that by the end of the day you need to live from hand to mouth. So, according to doctors, you can pretty quickly lose weight. But in opposition to this opinion, there is another fact to fast or your weight loss will turn around. How then to be? Choose products that can and should be there on the night – six in all. This writes Medical Daily, reports the Voice.

Hunger and diet – are incompatible. If you regularly experience a shortage of food, the body will reduce calorie consumption in a cumulative order. And then any diet will be useless. So fast in the evenings is not necessary, though there be everything too. Need to pay attention to healthy and delicious foods that are perfect for a diet dinner or snack.

Berries. Cherry, strawberry, raspberry – the perfect carbohydrate “candy” with fiber. The substances contained in the berries stimulate physiologic calorie consumption, vitaminiziruet and due to its coarse fibers saturate well. A handful of strawberries or raspberries just before bedtime – what you need.

Fish. Especially white meat fish – diet, easy, protein snacks for bluesteelnet figure. A limited amount of fat, lots of protein, which is not able be deposited in fat – everything works fine.

Poultry. The notorious chicken breast in this rating for a reason. Since this meat contains no carbohydrates from the word “quite”, but there is protein, nothing to worry about. Due to such structure, the same boiled chicken promotes muscle growth, which in itself markedly accelerates weight loss. By the way, recently it became known that the chicken and the broth from it help to reduce blood pressure.

Eggs. Champions in protein, B vitamins, choline. We have a huge nutritional value – but with no digestible calories. Two boiled eggs for dinner and run to the refrigerator no longer want.

Whole milk. A glass of warm milk before bed is what you need to bring the nerves in order and sweet sleep. Because the relationship of excess weight and lack of is proven, it makes sense to include in the evening diet that is conducive to sleep. And milk it differs – it contains tryptophan, an alpha amino acid that provides a sound sleep. This means that in the morning you less want to encroach on the sweet and flour. And the milk contains two types of protein that are very long hold back hunger.

Dairy products. Cheese, yogurt, kefir, fermented baked milk – as you can see, you have plenty of choice. You can select them if you don’t like milk. You get the same advantages for weight loss “- made dairy products” from milk, and one is the beneficial bacteria. Lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria actually start losing weight, speeding up metabolism. Their influence on the process of weight loss proven by science.