Nutritionists have called products that will help save the young women

Диетологи назвали продукты, которые помогут сохранить женщинам молодость

Complex carbohydrates, fermented foods and healthy fat. British nutritionists-nutriciology told what foods must for women who want to stay young as long as possible.

Complex carbohydrates. In an article published in the Daily Mail, dietitian Megan Rossi said that women need to be sure to eat complex carbohydrates. According to the specialist, too few of these substances, and especially the rejection of carbohydrates can contribute to the development of intestinal diseases. To the body receives enough complex carbohydrates, the expert considers it necessary to use at least 30 different plant foods per week.

Fermented foods. Nutritionist Jaclyn Caldwell-Collins explains: the extension of youth promote primarily products that improves the state of intestinal microflora, that is closely associated with the immune system and cognitive health, two important factors in the fight against aging. Expert advises is necessary to include in the diet of fermented foods: yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, Kombucha. They contain beneficial bacteria, fiber and probiotics – in short, everything that heals the gut.

Fat. Another specialist, a nutritionist, Jane Clarke believes that food women who want to look young and fresh, must be fat. But fat is useful. This body is provide avocado, olive oil, fish, nuts.

In addition, specialists said, what products is better for women to opt out if you want a long time to get old.

Low fat and diet products. They contain stabilizers, emulsifiers, sweeteners, depressing the immune system.

Refined vegetable oil. Under the influence of high temperatures in the cooking process structure of the oil changes, and of it are aldehydes, which can contribute to the development of cancer and heart disease. For cooking nutritionists advise to use olive or melted butter.