Nutritionists: Pork and bacon are very good for health

This is a completely unexpected conclusion scientists, going contrary to popular opinion. However, experts say that this is so.

Диетологи: Свинина и сало очень полезны для здоровья

Nutritionists have found that pork and lard is very useful for human health. Moreover, they can be much more necessary for the body, in comparison with other types of meat.

To this unexpected conclusion was made by Russian nutritionists. Pork, contrary to the prejudices, may be used as dietary of meat.

It is reported that 100 grams of the blade or cutting contain only 150 to 180 calories. However, the ribs or neck they will be in two or two and a half times more.

Also, the protein of pork is the best absorption for human body. So the meat of this animal is used when preparing baby food.

In addition, lean pork is recommended for use when there is postoperative rehabilitation. It is a source of proteins that are easily digested.

Another advantage of pork is that it contains fewer gems. This substance carries oxygen and may have carcinogenic effects. The visual result of this is that pork is not so red, like beef.

In fat it is also noted the content of valuable acids, including arachidonic and linoleic, which are very necessary for human body to strengthen the blood vessels. However, for the positive effect you need to use this product in a quantity not more than 20 – 30 grams per day.

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