Nutritionists said that happens to the body in the process of losing weight

Диетологи рассказали, что происходит с организмом в процессе похудения

According to the world health organization, after a couple of decades, obesity will become one of the main problems of mankind. Reports the nutritionists at this point that when weight of a person creates for himself difficulties which eventually may lead to the development of dangerous diseases. Experts said that people who realize that they need to lose weight, always start to live a healthy lifestyle.

Almost every person diet, starting to exercise, very often give up bad habits. In the process of slimming the body quickly responds to such changes. Nutritionists said that for the first day a healthy lifestyle starts to improve blood flow and increases blood flow to all organs. This applies to the brain, which becomes more active. Body fat begins to disappear after a few days after starting the diet and exercise. Fat mass begins to be replaced by muscle mass, with the result that a person can detect that the weight on the scales has not changed, and may even have increased. Fat weighs much less than muscle, so losing weight people should not be surprised.

Nutritionists suggest that during the first weeks of the diet, not to weigh and measure waist, hips and chest. If they reduced everything in order, and the person on the right track. In the process of getting rid of excess fat reduced pressure on the joints. The lack of the extra pounds helps to delay the aging of the skeleton and joints.