Oatmeal, sir: Nutritionists have called the most healthy Breakfast

Овсянка, сэр: Диетологи назвали самые полезные завтраки

These products not only give you energy, but saturate it with useful microelements.

Representatives of the National research center “Healthy nutrition” published a list of breakfasts that will bring maximum benefits to the body.

The head of the organization Zynaida Medvedev called the best oatmeal dish for Breakfast. This product is not casual is a leader: the porridge is full of beta-glucan. This substance strengthens the immune system, brightens the skin and has a rejuvenating effect.

To derive maximum benefit, porridge need to cook in water without added sugar. Choose oatmeal need with minimal machining. Nutritionists recommend not to use packaged cereal because of the useful properties they possess. Not without reason the famous detective Sherlock heard in the morning: “Oatmeal, sir”, because this cereal is perfect for maintaining vitality.

You should not “dwell” only on this product. Doctors also called buckwheat and rice a good source of vitamins.

Fruit take the second place in the list of “the most healthy Breakfast”. These products saturate the body with fiber, magnesium, potassium and vitamins. Berries normalize the metabolism, which helps to get rid of excess weight. However, experts advise to delete the melons and bananas from the morning meal. Instead, it is better to eat apples or pears.

Protein Breakfast also brings enormous benefits to the body. Dishes from chicken eggs, fish, lentils or legumes as “program” the body with energy. These products will strengthen the muscles of the body and improve metabolic function.

Nutritionists said that all should be the norm: excessive use of these products for Breakfast is harmful to health.