Oats kills the “bad” cholesterol

Овес убивает «плохой» холестерин

Canadian scientists told about the benefits of eating oats. Writes Newsmir.info referring to hronika.info.

For more detailed acquaintance with the nuances of its effects on the body experts conducted the study. The participants were 345 volunteers who suffered from high cholesterol. Scientists have divided them into two groups. The first group was offered for six months to systematically use nuts, soy products, and oats. But the second group was transferred to a low-fat diet.

As the results showed, those who ate certain foods, can lower “bad” cholesterol in their blood by 13%. The people, eliminating from the diet of fatty foods, lost only 3%. Consequently, this once again confirms the effectiveness of the introduction of oats in the human diet. However, suffering from an overabundance of cholesterol, people should not immediately throw a low-fat diet. It is best to start to combine the two systems: replace fatty foods with oats, nuts, and soy. And remember: eating oatmeal in the morning will give your body and replenish vitamin reserves.