Obolon in line for pizza killed a man (video)

На Оболони в очереди за пиццей убили мужчину (видео)

In Kiev in shopping center “Polar” on the street kalnyshevskogo was a conflict between two buyers, during which a man killed another with a single blow to the head. This was reported on the page “Operational Kiev” in Facebook.

Thursday, April 4, in the shopping center” Polar ” in “Silpo” at the Department of bakery products was a verbal altercation between two guys. Then one of them made a sharp blow to the head the second guy. He fell, and after a while died “, – stated in the message.

As seen in the video, after the attack, the man calmly took previously ordered pizza and went to the side offices.

“Wanted. The fighter ran away. Young in appearance, approximately 170 were in the hood and the cap, a vest with thick white laces on the hood. Maybe someone has seen him or finds out, please let 102 or go to the Obolon police Department”, – stated in the message.