Obscene letters from Scotland Yard, the push-button phones on Android and Xiaomi transparent watch: TOP news of the day

Нецензурные письма от Скотланд-Ярда, кнопочные телефоны на Android и прозрачные часы Xiaomi: ТОП новостей дня

Every day the world around us evolves faster and faster. And it is not always possible to keep track of what is happening nearby. Not to mention foreign news from the world of technology.

Every day in the news flashes a lot of interesting and by the end of the day they accumulate a decent amount. That is why the Informant has prepared the TOP Tech news from the world of technology.

The first image button on our Android phones

The first screenshots keypad phone with Android OS. Maybe if Android will survive in Nokia phones, you will see it on phones from other companies. Reported by 9to5Google. From the code the new OS for button phones it becomes clear that the new OS will be significantly different from Android GO the usual extra low-cost smartphones. The explanation is logical, because push-button phones don’t have touch screen and use the D-Pad for navigation.

Google itself is silent about the details of the new OS. The only thing we know for sure, the traditional app switching and multitasking menu will not, if it does not provide a separate button on the phone itself. In edition 9to5Google got the first images of the push-button phone to the new OS. Though it is unknown what company designed this phone, the source claims that this phone from Nokia. The most interesting is the presence of Google Assistant on a touch tone telephone. Next come the apps: Youtube, Chrome, Facebook and Yahoo.

Accounts Scotland Yard began sending obscene letters

Unknown hackers broke into the accounts of the London police. After that, people began to receive strange messages. Reported by the BBC. The attackers broke into the email and Twiiter Scotland Yard and in the newsletter, users began to come strange and obscene letters. The hackers also published the fake and provocative information.

In the account of the police on Twitter, which signed more than 1.2 million people, the hackers called for the release of imprisoned rap artist Digga D and promised to hack the accounts before the police would release him. In addition, the hackers wrote some obscene messages to city police.

In fact, Scotland Yard has already confirmed the hacking and said that they use a special service for the distribution of information in social networks and email, to which they gained access by hackers. The police promised to find the attackers.

Microsoft showed a secure system for voting ElectionGuard

Microsoft is committed to demonstrate that its system of elections security is not just a theory. Reported by Engadget. The developers have presented the first system of voting in which technology was brought in ElectionGuard, which should provide easier and more reliable the vote. The hardware side of the system includes a tablet computer Surface, the printer and the adaptive controller for the Xbox that allows you to make voting more accessible for all people.

After the voter has voted using your tablet or controller, the system ElectionGuard counts the votes using homomorphic encryption, while maintaining the data in encrypted form. Moreover, the system provides each voter a unique code, which you can check through Internet whether the vote has been counted correctly. An additional level of check is a paper ballot that is printed on the printer. The voter may leave stamped in it and place it in a special box. In Microsoft say that the “pilot” version of the safe system of voting is used in elections in the US next year.

Roscosmos has signed a new contract space tourism

State Corporation “Roscosmos” and company Space Adventures has signed a new contract for a flight of two space tourists, who until the end of 2021 will travel to the International space station (ISS) on the same ship. About it reports TASS. The Corporation said that the industry “has already begun to develop manned spacecraft “Soyuz MS” and the carrier rocket “Soyuz-2″ for flying tourists to space.” They added that the execution of all works on creation of space technology will be conducted at the expense of space tourists.

In Roskosmos said that the new contract will further load the power RSC “Energia”, JSC SRC “Progress”, TsENKI and other businesses. The Russian side and Space Adventures sent the first tourist into space in 2001 to orbit flew Dennis Tito. Just space in their contracts to date have been seven space tourists. The last flight of the program took place in September 2009. In 2015 as a space tourist, as well as the contract of Roskosmos and Space Adventures, we were set to go into space singer Sarah Brightman. However, she stopped training and withdrawn from the flight, citing family circumstances.

Xiaomi has released a mechanical watch with a transparent body

Company Xiaomi added to its collection of products is a new mechanical clock T-Series CIGA Design. It is reported by GSMArena. This mechanical watch, that is no “smart” functions like tracking health indicators or notifications. But T-Series CIGA Design is quite an interesting design. All business in a transparent case which allows to consider all “inside” hours, down to the smallest cogs. They are perfect to the owner of the other device of the company – Xiaomi Mi9 EE. Also there is a choice of two colors of strap: black and red. For Xiaomi T-Series CIGA Design is about $101. But now you can save $29: at the site of crowdfunding watch give for $72.

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