Obstetricians say about the “epidemic” of caesarean sections

Акушеры-гинекологи говорят об "эпидемии" кесарева сечения

More and more women in the world have children, not naturally, but resorting to surgery. Obstetrician-gynecologists are already talking about the epidemic of caesarean section. Meanwhile, according to a study published in the prestigious journal the Lancet, every year only 10-15% of these operations are carried out for medical reasons.

For fifteen years, the number of operations in which the fetus is extracted through an incision in the uterus, increased almost two times. Every fifth baby is currently born this way.

The authors of the study argue that in the world is held annually over six million cesarean section without objective evidence. Half of these surgeries done in Brazil and China.

Scientists have identified 15 countries where more than 40 percent of babies are born by caesarean section. Leader in this list was the Dominican Republic with the figure of 58% . The increase in the number of such operations, doctors stress, is associated with many factors, particularly income and education women. Annually in France, cesarean section is 20% if delivery. This figure is stable since 2010.

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