Occupiers in the area breeding in the Donbass distribute propaganda leaflets

Оккупанты в районе разведения на Донбассе раздают пропагандистские листовки

Russian occupation troops spread on the territory of the village of gold-4 leaflets incite the local residents to demand further withdrawal of Ukrainian troops.

“Today, 31 March, readers InformNapalm sent a photo of leaflets that were found in the village of Golden-4. The text of these flyers, posted in Russian language on the background colors of the Ukrainian flag, has the obvious signs of information and psychological pressure on the local population”, – stated in the message.

InformNapalm volunteers also decided to look for the source of the photograph used in the leaflet. And the search showed that the photo is not just used in the Russian propaganda resources. For example, in one separatist sites, it is accompanied by false reports about the location of Ukrainian armored vehicles among the houses in the village Kryakivka in Luhansk region. Over time, the same site used this photo for another fake messages about the location of Ukrainian art among the houses in the settlement of Krasnogorovka of Donetsk region.

They determined that the photo was taken in the courtyard “Deviatiny” – a 9-storey building on the Eastern outskirts of Avdeyevka, on the street Vorobyov, 15.

“It seems that this photo really like Russian officers involved in the organization of information and psychological operations in the Donbass, which is why it from year to year is present in both paper and electronic materials aimed at discrediting the Ukrainian troops,” – noted in the InformNapalm.

The community also informed that in addition to the printed propaganda leaflets and fake news under the control of Russian troops occupying the resources of the armed forces are also actively using the latest electronic warfare equipment for the SMS-correspondence of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians in the Donbass.

As reported, on October 29, 2019 began the process of withdrawal of forces and means at station No. 2 near the village of gold-4 in Luhansk region.

Оккупанты в районе разведения на Донбассе раздают пропагандистские листовки