Occupiers resumed pass through your checkpoint at the corridor “Donetsk-Mariupol” border guard

Оккупанты возобновили пропуск через свой блокпост на коридоре "Донецк-Мариуполь" - пограничники

At the same time, traffic through PPC “Marinka” continues to be blocked by militants.

Today the government of Russia has renewed pass through their checkpoint on a road corridor Donetsk-Mariupol.

“As of 12:00 in this area through PPC “Novotroitsk” in the direction of the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine, the border guards have issued about 100 people and 7 vehicles. From HERE on entry to the controlled area profit 38 people and 8 cars”, – stated in the message.

In SBS also said that at the same time through PPC “Stanitsa Lugansk” the line of demarcation on foot crossed the 710 people. In the temporarily occupied territory – 229, in a controlled area – 481.

Border guards together with human rights organizations explain to civilians the risks of travel across the line of demarcation, warn about the possibility of nepropusk from invaders. “Also note – in case of refusal to cross to remain in the gray area is dangerous because of possible shelling of the militants, it should immediately go back towards the controlled territory of Ukraine”, – stated in the message.

It is also noted that traffic through PPC “Marinka” continues to be blocked by militants.

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