October 3 in Honor For the start of the event “Wrath of Jormungand”, which will include a new mode

3 октября в For Honor стартует событие «Гнев Йормунгандов», куда войдет новый режим

Ubisoft has announced a new in-game event of the third season For Honor called “the Wrath of Jormungand”. It starts on 3 October at 16:00 Moscow time and will last until 3 Oct.

The main novelty of the event – mode “Ragnarok”, which is a modified Assault mode on the map “Fortress of Storr”, dedicated Jormungand and the Hammer of Ragnarok. Players will be able to take advantage of this hammer that will give the opportunity to use two special techniques:

• Chain lightning – deals a moderate damage, which is transferred to nearby enemies. Attacking with little knocks.

• Strike on the ground that deals damage in a small area near the hero.

In addition, the event will add a new standard armour “Legend of the fortress of Storr” and the magnificent armour that reflects the authentic spirit of a great snake.

Details – the official website of the game.