Odessa citizens will be able to register at the place of residence, right from the comfort of home

Одесситы смогут регистрироваться по месту жительства, прямо не выходя из дома

The Department of administrative services of the Odessa city Council is introducing new services for citizens.

Reported about it at hardware meeting in the mayoralty the Director of Department Evgenia Abramova, who told about the objectives of the centre of administrative services (of tspau) in the second half of this year.

“We are at the stage of concluding negotiations and of establishing work with the regional employment center over the granting of permission to employ foreign nationals in the regional service center. Signed the contract and purchase the equipment. Also hope soon to enter the provision of services for registration of vehicles and issuance of driver’s licenses. In addition, negotiate with the Main territorial Department of justice in the Odessa region at the transfer office for registration of acts of civil status”, – reported Abramov.

She added that at present, the debug software, within a few weeks of work the website, and identified the services that will be provided in the city exclusively in electronic form.

“In the test mode in your account on the site you will register students living in the dorms… After this test within a couple of weeks, all Odessa citizens who have passports as ID cards, will be able, without coming to the center of administrative services, to register and remove themselves from the place of registration”, – said the representative of the municipality.

In addition, she said, with the patrol police Department of the city should be agreed scheme of Parking vehicles and designated Parking lots (also developed and agreed the route of oversized and heavy vehicles on city roads).

All of tspau provides Odessa 247 types of services. Only for the first half of 2019 the staff of the centre took 150 thousand 551 statement or 13.1 % more than in the same period last year and 26.7 % more than in the first half of 2017. In this reporting period citizens have made 110 thousand 748 different finished results (13.9 % more than in the first half and 27.3% higher than in the same period in 2017).

“That we are still increasing provided services”, – said Evgenia Abramova.

According to it, 68% of applications received relate to the registration of place of residence and de-registration, a 13.9% questions issuing biometric passports and gluing photos in the passport, and 9.1 % – orders geokadastr (statements and the like).

For the first half of this year to the city Treasury received 2 million 550 thousand UAH. for services on registration of residence and registration of biometric passports, and over the last 1 million 630 thousand UAH.