Odessa Gosekoinspektsiya called the sum of the losses from the accident of the tanker Delfi

Одесская Госэкоинспекция назвала сумму убытков от аварии танкера Delfi

The level of water pollution with oil products due to the sinking of the tanker Delfi has exceeded admissible norm in 157 times.

According to preliminary calculations of the State ecological inspection of Ukraine in Odessa region, the estimated amount of loss due to accident of the oil tanker is 15 Delfi 204,73 dollar. About it on Wednesday, July 8, reports Hromadske.

It is clarified that this is a preliminary amount, as to make the claim – a document confirming the amount of losses will be possible only after receiving official information about the amount of oil caught in the waters and after removing it from the Black sea.

“Final payment will only be possible after the operation to raise the vessel and after the provision of information by the shipowner or by the police in respect of the volume of petroleum products that were on the vessel prior to the implementation of pollution that remain after the operation to raise the vessel,” added the Agency.

The last time oil spill from the sunken tanker Delfi took place on 21 June.