Odessa medical University after the lifting of the bans handed out funds to defendants in criminal proceedings

Одесский медуниверситет после снятия запретов раздал средства фигурантам уголовных производств

In mid-December after several months of a ban on the implementation of budgetary expenditures of the Odessa national medical University has paid 23 million to the accounts of private firms OOO “Medkholding” and LLC “MedGarant”, which appear in criminal proceedings on the supply of medical equipment at inflated prices.

This is stated on the portal of public Fund management, according to the expert organization StateWatch.

It is noted that on 10 December 2019 Odessa medical University has transferred 11.6 million UAH to pay off the debt, which a court ordered LLC “MedGarant” – for the purchase of equipment.

The expenses of the Academy in December 2019 on the portal of e-data

According to StateWatch, the Ministry of health, the University of Odessa in January this year signed an agreement with the company “MedGarant” the results of the tender, while not having a consistent estimate of the Ministry of health.

“In parallel, the national police conducts pre-trial investigation, in which tests the contract of the state enterprise “Khmelnitsky service a single customer” and LLC “MedGarant” for the supply of computer scanner for 8 million hryvnia.

According to investigators, the customs cleared cost of China of the specified medical equipment was $ 6.7 million. Thus, representatives have violated the provisions of the resolution of the CMU “Certain issues of state regulation of prices for medicinal products and medical purposes” from 2009, according to which the mark-up on the procurement budget funds may not exceed 10%”, – stated in the message.

According to movement “Honestly”, the company “MedGarant” is associated with the ex-regionalka Tatyana Bakhteyeva, is close to scandalous ex-rector of the Odessa University Valery Zaporozhan.

December 17, Odessa medical University thanks to the coordinated estimate made payment almost 12 million UAH for the purchase of medical devices LLC “Medkholding”. The company “Medkholding” police checks on the subject of equipment sales for the same Odessa national medical University in previous years at inflated prices.

In November StateWatch pages up told about questionable tenders and the audit of the accounts chamber in the Odessa medical University. Then it turned out that in a medical educational institution there are numerous financial irregularities and questionable tenders – which were won by companies close to the “ex-regionals”.

In addition, in medical school continues to struggle for an armchair of the rector of the University. Until recently, the University de facto headed by Yury Sukhin, controlled by said Zaporozhan, despite the fact that the Ministry of health during the Ulyana Suprun was appointed to the post of Constantine Aymedova.

Recently pack.Life said that acting rector of the University will be the employee of the University and people from the team Zaporozhan Valery Manicured and accounts of the University are unlocked at the beginning of December.

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Одесский медуниверситет после снятия запретов раздал средства фигурантам уголовных производств

Одесский медуниверситет после снятия запретов раздал средства фигурантам уголовных производств