Odessa police arrested 4 pedophiles

На Одесщине полиция задержала 4-х педофилов

Today, may 28, in Odessa region, the staff of the police arrested 4 of pedophiles. They are corrupting children and all their actions were recorded on the phone. Next, pornography distributed on the Internet.

This was reported in the press service of the National police, reports 04868com.ua.

As told the head of the Department of postal and telecommunications Aleksandr Grinchuk, intruders found during the RAID “Web”.

Militiamen carried out searches in 54 regions of Ukraine and identified 8 victims. Their ages ranged from 7 to 14 years.

Defendants declared suspicion under part 4 of article 301 (Import, production, sale and distribution of pornographic materials) and article 153 (sexual assault) of the Criminal code of Ukraine. Men are in custody.

Recall that in late April the Odessa police detained a pedophile, who tried to kidnap 7-year-old girl. With the help of toys he lured her into the car, but she managed to escape. The child immediately told her parents about the incident. Soon the malefactor was detained.