Odessa police released a composite sketch of the attacker who shot at police

Одесская милиция обнародовала фоторобот злоумышленника, стрелявшего в милиционеров

Recall that yesterday, June 26, at approximately 22:20, in Arcadia, a man shot two police officers, one of whom later died, and the second is in the hospital.

Law enforcement officials released a composite sketch of the attacker.

Features: man of 35-40 years, the Slavic type of appearance, height 170-175 cm, an average non-Constitution, the person round, hair and eyebrows dark brown, short hair, plump lips, directly located, the nose is round, small size, medium eyes, dark stubble on his face, wears glasses semicircular.

Was dressed in a sports jacket of black color, a shirt of gray, trousers fabric above the ankle. Can be without shoes.

Anyone who has any information on wanted or his whereabouts, police ask you to contact us by phone: (048) 779-40-61, 779-49-61, 779-41-23, 795-40-71, 743-67-98 or 102.

Privacy guaranteed.