Odessa portside plant is trying to destabilize by news attacks – press-service of the plant

Одесский припортовый завод пытаются дестабилизировать при помощи информационных атак - пресс-служба завода

The members of the Board of the Odessa port plant is under pressure to change the results of the competition to select a supplier of raw material for the company, and the activities of the IPF is trying to destabilize with the help of the information attacks, which creates risks of its stop, the press service of the company.

As of to date, IPF has completed two stages of the competition for the selection of supplier of raw material and goes to the third, in which the winner is determined. It is reported that interested in changing the results of the competition are trying to exert pressure on the members of the Board of the HMO to review the decisions taken.

On 24 July, the HMO reported that LLC “Trade house “SOCAR Ukraine” and PE “OKKO Contract” was not admitted to the second stage of the competition for the selection of raw material due to the fact that they did not provide documents confirming experience in sales of mineral fertilizers.

Odessa port plant is one of the largest state enterprises in the chemical industry of Ukraine. Located in the city South, 47 km from Odessa, specializiruetsya in the production of ammonia and urea. The company is under the management of the state property Fund of Ukraine and a part of the large-scale privatization.