Odessa residents can enjoy the spectacular celestial phenomenon

Одесситы могут насладиться зрелищным небесным явлением

On the night of 13 August peak Perseid meteor shower – the most intense of all that can be seen from the Ground.

Meteor shower – the “legacy” inherited from the comet swift-Tuttle. This comet revolves around the Sun on highly elongated orbit and one revolution takes 130 years. So, it was opened in 1862, and in 1992 it passed the Earth once again.

When the comet approaches the Sun, the light of the stars heats the surface of the ice of which formed the comet (water, methane and dry, i.e. composed of carbon dioxide) begins to evaporate: it is the vapor emanating from the comet and is opposite to Sun direction, we perceive as its tail. With the steam from the body of the comet break off and its component solid particles – roughly speaking, a small (or not so little!) stones frozen into the ice.

Once a year the Earth in its motion around the Sun crosses the path of comet swift-Tuttle, and, just as the cloth collects the garbage, “covers up” these tiny bits of the comet. In the atmosphere they burn up in a short and bright flares – they are something we see as “shooting stars”.

Meteor shower spawned by comet swift-Tuttle, called the Perseids, because the center from which, as it seems, fly the meteors is in the constellation of Perseus. So those who want to watch the Perseids, better to look at the North-Eastern part of the sky. To do this, of course, better for the city at a distance of at least 10-15 kilometres from the powerful sources of artificial light. It is desirable that such source was not exactly in a North-easterly direction from the place where you will be. Although in General the Perseids heavy traffic, and the particular difficulties his observation is not: something you see, let your eyes adjust to the darkness.

In General, the best time to observe the Perseids is between 2 to 4 hours in the night of 13 August, when the intensity of the flow can be up to two objects per minute. The benefit of this year weather forecasters promise in Odessa and its surroundings clear weather, perfect for observation.

However, if your schedule does not allow you to enjoy the Perseids that is upcoming night, don’t worry: the Perseids will be visible until August 20, though with somewhat less intensity.

Одесситы могут насладиться зрелищным небесным явлением

Одесситы могут насладиться зрелищным небесным явлением