Odessa, the son of ex-“regional” especially twice, was hit by a car your dog. Video 18+

На Одесщине сын экс-"регионала" специально дважды сбил автомобилем свою собаку. Видео 18+

Podolsk Odessa region July 18, the driver of the VW Passat was pursued at high speed and twice knocked his collie.

As reported by TSN with reference to eyewitnesses and neighbours of men, he is the son of a local farmer and former Deputy of regional Council from Party of regions Anatoly Voziyan.

As seen on the surveillance cameras, the car hit the dog that tries to escape, and then takes a swing and knocks her out again (to see the video, dockrillia to the end of the page).

Witness Eugene said that the driver Vitaly Voziyan was probably drunk or under the influence of drugs.

“My wife and in the evening going to the store, went outside, and ran up to her dog, I called her in, gave them water, she was not beaten and collar. We realized that this dog Voziyan and decided that on the way to see him. When we approached the yard they had closed, and the dog in the yard was not. We reached the intersection and I heard that he leaves the yard, turned around and went straight for us. The dog began to run, and he picked up speed and drove off, almost hit my wife, hit a dog. His eyes, when he leaned out of the car was glass, 99% that he was either drunk, or… Then the dog tried to run outside to the people, and he turned and once again ran over it,” he said.

The man added that he had called the police and filed a report, but the police Voziyan not caught up.

“The police came and he was just the yard leaves. They went after him. But apparently, the Pope gave money and they did not catch up. In the yard they were not allowed, they say that he cursed and went into the house. The police did not filmed, not photographed. I wrote a statement to the police, many witnesses signed. After that no one hasn’t contacted me. Only kids say that, too, was walking on the street and saw everything that came his dad and threatened me”, – he stressed.

In turn, the police of Odessa region reported that on this fact openly criminal proceedings under part 1 of article 299 (cruelty to animals) of the Criminal code of Ukraine. Investigations are continuing.

The downed dog was badly damaged and was covered in blood. The first assistance from the local vet, who brought the injured animal to the witnesses. Now the shepherd is being treated at a veterinary clinic in Odessa, it’s done by volunteers-the animal.

“The dog is on treatment, she has a very severe traumatic brain injury, damaged radial nerve in the right paw. It’s inoperable, it will not sew, this means that the dog can stay with disabilities. He will remain forever or lame, or if you do not develop paw, it will just hang. If the dog is rubbing his paw – it just amputated. Now difficult to predict,” explained volunteer Anastasia.

She also noted that the dog owners were not interested in her condition and not even tried to contact her, but she came strange messages from strange women calling not to treat the animal and not to disclose information about the incident.

Video 18+