Of Batman in politics: Christian bale in the role of dick Cheney

Из Бэтмена в политики: Кристиан Бэйл в роли Дика Чейни

Olga Kepinska

Batman of the Vice-presidents of the United States. British actor Christian bale played in a Comedy drama Adam McKay 46th Vice President dick Cheney. Many believed that Vice-President under George W. Bush had very high influence on many issues is no less than the President himself.

To become one of the most powerful politicians in American history Balu had to gain a couple dozen pounds overweight. Though initially the actor was not going so to get used to the image of the hero as they have done many times before.

I don’t even know why I again agreed to it. It’s all Adam McKay – Director, with whom we have worked on the film “shorting”. As luck would have it, he came up with an amazingly written script. I tried to find reasons to refuse, but he always had the answer to any of them. And in the end I gave up and said, “Hell, yeah, he’s right. I have to do it!“, – says starring in the movie “Vice President” Christian bale.

In addition to Bale in the new creation of the McKay starred Amy Adams, who played Lynne Cheney, wife of dick, Steve Carell in the role of Secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld and Sam Rockwell, who got the role of George W. Bush.

The release of the biographical film “Vice-President” in hire is planned for the end of December.

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