Of course the Ukrainians want the world to know the truth about the Holodomor – the expert

Украинцы естественно хотят, чтобы мир знал правду о Голодоморе - эксперт

Ukraine wants the truth about the Holodomor were known in the world, and this is quite natural, considering that for decades this tragedy was suppressed.

This opinion in comments to the correspondent of UKRINFORM expressed a lecturer at Warsaw University Andrzej szeptycki.

“Ukrainians are looking for recognition of the historical truth, because there are victims, 50-60 years, no one of them did not speak, the Soviet government tried to destroy the memory of this genocide. So, of course, that was told about him at the international level,” said szeptycki.

He recalled that in 2006 the Sejm and Senate of Poland recognized the Holodomor as genocide. According to experts, this occurred not least because in Poland there is a sense of common historical experience of both Nations, the suffering caused by the Ukrainians and poles by the Soviet authorities.

At the same time, Sheptytsky noticed that not all countries are rushing to recognize the Holodomor as genocide. In his opinion, there are two reasons. First, we are talking about the desire of some countries not to worsen relations with Russia, which does not recognize the fact of famine. Secondly, some States, especially Israel, think that the Holocaust of the Jews during the Second world war cannot be compared with the famine in Ukraine, the Armenian genocide of 1915 or the genocide of Tutsis in Rwanda in 1994.

“It also affects the political positions of many countries”, – said Polish expert.

As reported by UKRINFORM, November 23, Ukraine celebrated the Day of memory of famine victims. In the twentieth century the Ukrainians have experienced three of the Holodomor: 1921-1923, 1932-1933 RR. and the famine of 1946-1947. The most ambitious was the Holodomor of 1932-1933 – genocide of the Ukrainian people by the totalitarian Communist regime of the USSR. In the peak months of famine every minute in Ukraine died 24 people. For a short period of time Moscow has killed more than three million Ukrainians.

In November 2006, the Verkhovna Rada recognized the Holodomor 1932-1933 genocide against the Ukrainian people. Of the 195 countries of the world as an act of genocide the Holodomor recognized 15 member States of the UN and the Vatican.