Of emergency in the subway: the train came off the rails, a lot of victims, the capital of the stunned siren

ЧП в метро: поезд слетел с рельсов, много пострадавших, столицу оглушили сирены

The tragedy occurred in the Moscow metro, there are victims

Ten people were injured after derailed subway train. It happened in the U.S. city of Boston, Massachusetts, reports the Boston Fire Dept in Facebook.

“The fire service had to make the game a lot of people from the tunnel. 10 people were taken to the ambulance Department of the Boston” – said the local rescue service.

We will remind that the conflict between the companies turned into a tragedy in the subway.

It is reported that the incident happened yesterday evening, June 7, in Kiev subway.

It is noted that right on the platform of the metro station “Khreschatyk” man is stabbed. Thus ended the conflict between the two companies, which broke out on the street.

According to journalists, the incident occurred around 23:00. Friend of the victim said that he and another guy were walking along Khreshchatyk, when they began to interfere with another group. And the cause of the alleged conflict was that “they were listening to the music.”

The verbal altercation quickly escalated into a fight, and when one of the attackers appeared in the hands of the knife, the boys ran to the subway station Kiev. However, the conflict continued in the territory of the subway station, where one of them was stabbed in the hand.

Fortunately, the fight ended at the emergency profit outfit police and ambulance. Doctors provided first aid and taken to hospital.

Previously, we reported about another incident in the capital’s subway. It is reported that an unusual situation occurred on the morning of 6 June. It is known that the non-standard “emergency” happened in Kiev subway station “Akademgorodok”. In particular, Kiev stunned the huge number of people on the red line metro.

“Kiev. Hell in the subway. Photo Akadem. The whole red line in people. They are more than the usual 3 times. What happened then?”, says in the caption to the published photograph.

Users outside the box reacted to the publication and suggested that a large influx of passengers is associated with cancellation tokens. Others tried to make a joke of the conversation and said that people massively go to the supermarket for promotional products.

ЧП в метро: поезд слетел с рельсов, много пострадавших, столицу оглушили сирены

ЧП в метро: поезд слетел с рельсов, много пострадавших, столицу оглушили сирены