Of emergency in the subway: witnesses filmed the horrible incident

ЧП в метро: очевидцы засняли жуткое происшествие

The evening of 20 March at the station of Kharkov metro station “Pivdennyi Vokzal” drunken passenger fell on the rails

This became known after reports from eyewitnesses in the network.

The Department of communication, the police were provided information that the injured man is a resident of Dnipropetrovsk region. It is known that at that time he was in a state of alcoholic intoxication. Both fell on the rails, he does not remember. The man suffered a bruised ear and refused hospitalization. Movement of trains did not stop.

The press service of the subway confirmed the information about the incident. According to them, around 19:00 the passenger by his own negligence fell on the path. Is removed the voltage from the contact rail, lifted the man and brought him to the platform.

Earlier it was reported that in the subway of Kyiv launched a new project. One of the trains of the Kiev metro turned into a Museum of the Holodomor. The train will operate via the blue line until December 10. National Museum “memorial to victims of Holodomor” together with KP “Kiev underground” has launched in the capital of the scientific-educational project “the Train of Ukrainian identity”. One of the trains of the “blue” branch of the Kiev metro turned into a kind of reminder of the terrible tragedy – the Holodomor. The cars have posted a series of information posters that tell passengers about the unique facts of the history, culture and everyday life of Ukraine and its state-building in the early twentieth century.

Also, the posters indicated that the reluctance of Soviet authorities to release Ukraine from the USSR led to one of the largest crimes in the history of mankind.

According to General Director of the Museum “memorial to victims of Holodomor” Olesya, Stecyk, the Ukrainians are poorly informed about the tragedy of the Holodomor, for many, the genocide is still a story about hunger, which “arose from the excesses on the ground in connection with industrialization”. The historian believes that there was an urgent need to bring new formats of presenting information, which would allow to reach the maximum audience.

ЧП в метро: очевидцы засняли жуткое происшествие