Of the army of South Korea fired the country’s first soldier-transgender

Из армии Южной Кореи увольняют первого в стране солдата-трансгендера

The leadership of the South Korean army decided to dismiss the reserve soldier, after he underwent a surgical sex change.

“The South Korean military decided to dismiss the soldier who recently underwent a sex-change operation”, – is spoken in the message.

It was the first case in South Korea, when a soldier was sent to the Commission to determine whether it is suitable for further service after the sex change surgery.

In 2019, the staff Sergeant of Gyeonggi province had a sex change hoping that after the surgery he will continue to serve in the army on a par with women. At the same time, the army’s leadership believe that surgery made staff Sergeant is unable to continue service, and consider this as a reason for discharge.

Public human rights organization in South Korea encouraged the military to postpone the decision, because “the direction of a soldier in a military Commission would be an act of discrimination based on sexual identity and affect their basic human rights”.

As the newspaper notes, the South Korean law prohibits transgender individuals to serve in the armed forces, however specific guidance on how to proceed with soldiers who decide to change their gender during service, was not provided.