Off-road compact MPV sold by Mitsubishi Xpander better Toyota Rush

Внедорожный компактвэн Mitsubishi Xpander продается лучше Toyota Rush

In Indonesia, Mitsubishi Xpander showed record sales and finally surpassed his rival seven-seater Toyota Rush Crossman (33 thousand cars sold against 29.5 per thousand). Both models debuted in the 2017th, and immediately became known as a potential best-sellers because the demand for such cars in Asian countries is great. Recall, for several years in Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines segment family Konakbaev actively developing, and competing with niche utility. Rush and Xpander was able to meet all demands of customers, becoming a versatile car.

Spacious interior, increased ground clearance, protective plastic body kit, stylish appearance, rich set of useful in the way of options and adequate price tag on it that it is crossways to enlist the support of buyers.

Recall that with the change of generations, Toyota has turned his Rush of crossover in the “raised” a seven-seat minivan. Mitsubishi was, from the beginning Xpander developed as off-road compact MPV with the original design. The length of the model was 4 475 mm, width 1 750 mm, height – 1700 mm, wheelbase – 2 775 mm. In movement the car results a-liter 120-horsepower engine is paired with “mechanics” or “automatic”. But all-wheel drive models are not supposed to.

Внедорожный компактвэн Mitsubishi Xpander продается лучше Toyota Rush