Office wrote: at the headquarters of the Garden spotted a car with antennas (PHOTO)

Контора пишет: у штаба Садового заметили машину с антеннами (ФОТО)

The candidate in presidents of Ukraine and the leader of the party “Samopomich” Andriy Sadovy has said that political forces at the office on Monday, January 21, noticed a strange car with fake license plates.

After the confessions of operating in the Russian business, with the headquarters of the Andrew Garden can begin surveillance involving wire.

About it the politician wrote on his page in Facebook.

According to him, a black Volkswagen Transporter with a strange antenna on the roof noticed today the staff of the main headquarters located on the hem.

However, as soon as representatives of the politician have started to photograph the car, she quickly retreated.

“I came to meet you, began to take pictures, and they immediately ran away. Moreover, base say that cars with such numbers does not exist. Someone is very worried about our plans for this campaign. And come, we will tell you everything,” said Garden.

What kind of car drove past the office of the election headquarters of the candidate from “Samopomich” is unknown.

Recall, 12 January the Andrew Garden traveled unknown cars, which he says may belong to the secret services. Of course, any comments from the SBU on this fact may sound.