Official: Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk broke

Официально: Брэдли Купер и Ирина Шейк разорвали отношения

After the alarming news about the move Irina Shayk and her daughter Leah in a private estate in the media there is official confirmation of the breakup model and actor Bradley Cooper. The pair made the final decision and no longer wants to do public perfect life.

About it reports the edition People. Now the Hollywood couple lives separately, and the lawyers agree on the custody of their common daughter Leah, who was only 2 years.

Many netizens speculated that the reason for the breakup, the 33-year-old Irina Shayk and 44-year-old Bradley Cooper was the release of the romantic film “a star is born” (A Star Is Born). However, insiders say that the Hollywood couple wanted to announce the completion of a relationship a few months before the premiere of the film. But Irina and Bradley were forced to postpone this information because it could harm the success of his debut directorial work in “the Birth of a star”.

Within a few months they just create the appearance that they’re doing well. They decided to postpone their breakup, as in the career of Bradley happened then strong, and any such news would distract the attention,
– told the insider.

In addition, the media claim that a long time Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper trying to save his family, but they have not been able to reconcile the contradictions. Added differences in the relations and different interests model and actor.

“He doesn’t drink and is into spiritual development. She loves the social life. At parties they don’t look happy, not even talking to each other,” said an insider.

As you know, the Hollywood star had an affair back in 2015. 2 years after that, Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper was born the only daughter, whom they named Leah. Fans believed a couple of one of the strongest in Hollywood because each of their joint output was in a special gentle.

For the first time about the rift between Irene and Bradley talking after the speech the actor with his colleague Lady Gaga on the film “a star is born” what happened at the awards ceremony Oscar-2019. During the song Shallow all the spectators noticed the so-called “chemistry” that fans then vigorously debated in social networks. Despite the fact that the ceremony together with Cooper was Irina Shayk, he would openly flirt with Lady Gaga on stage. However the singer denied all the rumors about the affair and said that it’s part of their image from the film “a star is born”.

At the same time Lady Gaga, who was engaged to his Manager Christian Carino, also severed ties. About the wedding she announced at the end of February 2019. The actress explained that the ex-lover unjustly jealous of her to anyone and during each meeting, arranged interviews, provoking a quarrel. But probably Christian Carino had reason to be jealous, because the relationship between Gaga and Cooper appear to be far from friendly, and romantic.

Официально: Брэдли Купер и Ирина Шейк разорвали отношения

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper / Getty Images