Official of Kyiv city state administration failed to take their bribe

Чиновнику киевской администрации не удалось забрать свою взятку

An official of the Department of cultural heritage protection of Kyiv city state administration detained “on hot” during receiving a bribe.

“Kyiv Prosecutor’s office jointly with the SU GUNP in Kiev and USA in Kiev, JA NP of Ukraine detained “on hot” during obtaining illegal benefit of head of inspection of state control of cultural heritage and archaeological supervision of the Department of cultural heritage protection KSCA,” – said in the message.

According to the investigation, law enforcement authorities asked the entrepreneur who is engaged in the coffee business and providing services in the field of catering.

“To establish the outdoor advertising on the facade of the premises located on the territory of the Old hem, he felt the need to reference the specified Department whether the buildings in question to objects of the monument. For this procedure the head of Department demanded from the entrepreneur improper benefit in the amount of 500 US dollars”, – noted in Prosecutor’s office.

And on March 13 during the transfer of the agreed amount the official was detained by militiamen near the place of work.

Now the issue of the communication of the suspicion under part 3 St. 368 criminal code of Ukraine.