Officially: from April 1, doctors will cut the salaries. DOCUMENT

Официально: с 1 апреля медикам урежут зарплаты. ДОКУМЕНТ

In hospitals there are some warnings about the change from April 1 of the terms of payment.

The publication writes that the reason for wage cuts – the start of the second stage of medical reform. This reform doctors salary increase, however, everything was different. The promised government funding is often not able to cover even the cost of treatment.

In particular, Chernihiv doctors showed a copy of the warning, which they handed over the management of the Chernihiv regional children’s hospital.

Doctors warned of a “possible temporary changes from 1 April 2020 in the conditions of labor.”

“The actual wage will be determined taking into account funds of the institution, but not less than the minimum wage established by applicable legislation”, – the document says.

Earlier it was reported that the deputies have proposed a reform, which provides that the Ukrainians are going in new way to charge personal income tax.

We also wrote that the Ukrainian government wants to launch a funded system, which will directly depend on the size of pension payments.