Officials and deputies checked the food in kindergartens and schools: now no violations

Чиновники и депутаты проверяют питание в садах и школах: теперь нарушений нет

Today the special Commission continued to verify the quality of food in the Nikolaev schools and kindergartens.

The RAID group included the head of Department of education Anna Lichko, economist at municipal production enterprise for organization of nutrition of children in educational institutions Natalia Minko, the Deputy of the city Council Vladislav Entin and members of the public to check the quality of food in kindergartens No. 2 and No. 29 and school No. 3. They visited the kitchens and got acquainted with the working conditions of staff in the kitchen.

So, a kindergarten №29 “Samantha” is visited by 400 children. For catering services, in accordance with a two-week menu that meets the head and nurse.

Applied technology cooking food also in kindergarten №2 “birch” and school №3.

Dairy products now supplies another company. Interruptions have not yet been.

Visually significant shortcomings in the organization of supply, the Commission found. However, the education Department still sent a letter to the state foods and consumer service with a request to conduct unscheduled inspections of school foods to the calorie content and composition.

Chef schools which today visited the Commission, saying that was not aware of the quality of the oil.

I got a box of oil on his invoice, the Declaration and the accompanying waybill. Can’t say that with oil, because I’m not a technician. And I can’t say that it was margarine, – said the chef of a kindergarten No. 2 Valentina Emelyanova.

Recall that on the day the scandal broke. It appeared that the Nikolaev school students and kindergartners were fed palm oil.