Officials from the Donetsk region have found a Russian passport and was accused of forging documents

У должностного лица из Донецкой области нашли российский паспорт и уличили в подделке документов

The police exposed the official of the Central Board of the State administration of labour of the Donetsk region in obtaining a Russian passport and document forgery for the position. In addition, officials accused of systematic extortion, particularly of taking bribes of half a million hryvnia.

As reported in the press service of the Channel, in August of 2018, the law enforcers carried out a special operation and recorded criminal actions of the officials. He was detained upon receipt of the next “tranche” in the amount of 500 thousand hryvnias.

Subsequently, the investigators found that in early autumn 2015 male visited the occupied Crimea. There he received the passport of the citizen of Russia. This visit took place a few months prior to the appointment of men in leadership positions. With him rode a woman, which now fulfills duties of the chief of Rostruda in the Donetsk region.

Already having Russian citizenship, the attacker has forged the documents to be submitted for appointment to the post in the state bodies of Ukraine.

On Tuesday, January 23, the police informed the malefactor about suspicion on this fact. Now actions for election to the suspect of a preventive measure.