Often in Ukraine Bellingcat found out the real identity of colleagues > Chepiga “Petrov”

Бував часто в Україні: Bellingcat з'ясували справжню особу колеги ГРУшника Чепіги "Петрова"

To identify it helped people personally familiar with it

Another suspect in the poisoning of a former intelligence officer Sergei Skripal has unveiled the international investigation team “Bellingham”. The so-called “Alexander Petrov” actually turned out to be Alexander Mckim.

He was a Colonel of the GRU and the military doctor. To identify it helped people personally familiar with him, according to investigators. In particular, found that Mishkin was born in 1979 in the village of Loyga in the Arkhangelsk region. Is a graduate of one of the elite of the Russian military medical academies. Also took a course in military doctor for further service in the Russian Navy.

Passport in the name Petrova received in 2010, when he became an employee of the GRU.

Investigators found out that he has many times in Ukraine and the breakaway Transnistria. The last trip took place during the Bromide in Kiev in December 2013.

Current military rank Mishkin could not figure out. However, journalists believe that it could be either a Lieutenant Colonel or a Colonel.

Previously, the investigators from “Bellingham” has unveiled the first suspect “Ruslan Bashirov”. Under this name he worked GRU Colonel and “Hero of Russia” Anatoly Chapiha. He participated in the second Chechen war. Probably fought in the East of Ukraine.

There are also suspicions that Chapiha in 2014 helped to remove Viktor Yanukovych from Ukraine.

Britain accuses “Bashirova” and “Petrov” in the poisoning of Julia and Sergey Violinists. The results of the investigation testify that this Mar intelligence officers smuggled in and used in the United Kingdom nerve substance “Newbie”. Traces of poison found in the hotel where they lived. And the criminals were captured on camera.