“Old and blind”: in Kiev the bad people threw dog in dumpster

«Старая и слепая»: в Запорожье нелюди выбросили собаку в мусорный бак

Knackers threw the dog with a leash and collar.

The incident occurred yesterday, 7 February, in Kiev. Passers-by heard someone whining in a dumpster, pulled out a package, they found the dog, writes IPnews.

About it at himself on the page in Facebook said zaporozhane, Elena Pyleva.

According to the woman, opinions about what to do with the animals were divided: some insisted to take the dog to the shelter and save her life, others said that should be put to sleep, so as not to suffer.

In the end, the dog was taken to the clinic “Friend”, from there he immediately took the driver of the orphanage “Chance” and the animal was transported to the veterinary clinic “BEST”.

-The temperature is low, immediately began to warm. The dog is old, smells awful, the little bedoone not seen eye – clearly she is blind. Trembled, cried again. Glucose below normal – fasted the day before. Teeth age dogs, with a stone. Wheezing, mats, very dirty and unkempt hair. Do not understand where it could live and be a dog?, writes Elena Pyleva.

It is worth noting that tossed the dog with the leash and collar. Anyone who wants to help the animal will be able to find details on the page of the shelter.