Oleksandr polozhynsky left “Tartak”: the story of the legendary band

The leader of the legendary Ukrainian band “Tartak” Oleksandr polozhynsky said that he was leaving the team. LifeStyle 24 have prepared for you the history of the group. So what was a creative way of Ukrainian musicians – read on.

The group “Tartak” was created in 1996. Then she took part in the festival “Chervona Ruta”, which won the. “Tartak” won the 1st prize in the genre of dance music.

In early 1998, “Tartak” embarked on their first nationwide tour. After the tour, the group was banned from performing in the gardens of Kiev. Later, the team had to leave Vasily Zinkevich, Jr. Soon, under the tutelage of took producer Alexey Yakovlev. While the group was without a mentor, Sashko polozhynsky has worked leading the hit-parade “12-2”, aired on radio “Promin” and visit leading on Biz-Tv, and later on ICTV – the hit-parade “Russian hills”. Thanks to this work, Alexander has become a lot more recognizable.

In 2002, they released their debut album “Demo grafone of vybuh”. 5 songs that became this album was back recorded video clips. Subsequently, “Tartak” is invited to all major festivals of the country, some of the group was the headliner.

In 2003 they released their second album “the System nervu”, which included 17 songs. Took part in the recording of these tracks Katya Chilly, TNMK, DE SHIFER, Faktychno Sami, Motor’rolla, duet Svityaz and others. Three songs were filmed video clips, the Director of which became Viktor Priduvalov.

In June 2004, the world heard the band’s third album “Muzichny Sheet Happiness”, consisting of 15 tracks.

In 2005, “Tartak” has given last concert in Kiev in the old format. Then Andrei “the Fly” and DJ Valik left the band and started the band “Boombox”. In April to “Tartak” joined by guitarist Anton Egorov.

The year 2005 brought the band not only changes in the team, but the new album “huljajhorod” and the Remix album “First komerciniu”.

Writing a fourth album the group has prompted the proposal of Oleg Skrypka to play at the festival “Dreamland 2005”. For this, they have prepared a special festival program together with the group “huljajhorod”, which appeared in Ukraine and Poland.

In support of the national team of Ukraine on football at the world Cup in 2006, “Tartak” wrote the song “Ukraino, goals!”, which then removed the clip.

In the summer of 2006 the band released a CD with his musical history. It was all 4 albums and 1 Remix album.

In the late fall of 2006, the group celebrated the 10th anniversary of its work. To this date, first launched an updated website “Tartak” and later released a new album “Close Sopl”.

Special popularity of the song and clip dedicated to the soldiers of the UPA, called “do Not Cauchi to” that “Tartak” released in 2007.

January 1, 2010, the band pleased fans with a new album “Opir materials”, which later received the award of “Nepopsa” in the nomination “the Best album of the year”.

The album “Smca”, presented in 2012, included 12 songs, 6 of which removed the clips.

In 2014, Sashko polozhynsky started the project “Bouvier”. This project has an album and several singles.

Already in 2015, “Tartak” has announced the release of the new album “Wcst” and preparing to tour in honor of the 20th anniversary of the group.

2017 scored for “Tartak” the release of the album “Antartctica Chastina Friend”, and in 2018, presented the tenth album “Antartctica. Chastina Persha”.

7 Dec 2019 “Tartak” celebrated its 23rd anniversary on stage, playing a concert in Kiev.

Just on account of the group of 10 Studio albums, hundreds of shows and a huge audience of fans who believe the music of the legendary “Tartak” will live at any time and under any circumstances.