Olga Cybulski bared buttocks on the hot photo

Оля Цибульская обнажила ягодицы на горячем фото

Singer Olga Cybulski – one of the most active bloggers among the Ukrainian celebrities. The other day she once again stirred the network of spicy photo.

On the picture you can see how Olga Cybulski posing in black-and-white bathroom. The star, dressed in a silver bodysuit with suspenders, sexy leaned on the sink, exposing their elastic buttocks. Even more spice to selfie provided not neat hair Oli Cybulski and her evening make up with emphasis on the lips.

In the message pop-singer turned to his fans, who only graduated in high school. Olga Cybulski admitted that many graduates were asking her about life in the Ukrainian show business. So the star decided to bare his body and soul, openly speaking about the advantages and disadvantages of her profession.

“The scene is one of the safest drugs. She heals all, removes the complexes gives a sense of power, weakness, love and hate. Often people do not forgive lightness and a daring dance on the edge of risk. Someone scene resets, like a wayward bull, his Torero. Many were lost in the tsunami. The few who survived. This is not just a profession. Artists once even buried separately from ordinary people because it was considered very sinful. But on stage you have to survive all mortal sins to the viewer to feel Holy and alive. And then an hour under the shower in silence and then you can start a new history”, – said Olga Cybulski.

Оля Цибульская обнажила ягодицы на горячем фото

Olga Cybulski bared buttocks / Instagram / @cybulskaya

As Olga Cybulski became a singer?To nationwide fame incendiary Ola Cybulski from Radivilova had to participate in a large number of vocal projects. In their Teens and College years she played in the KVN team and the competitions that did not bring her the recognition. Lucky ticket to her fame was a vocal project “Factory of stars”. In 2007, Olga Cybulski triumphantly conquered it and got wildly popular.

Before his solo career, the artist was a member of the group “Dangerous liaisons”. However, the duet with Alexander Bodyansky lasted 2 years. Subsequently, the star was leading many projects and simultaneously recording new songs.