Olga Drozdova without makeup surprised the audience

Ольга Дроздова без макияжа удивила публику

Famous actress Olga Drozdova always appears in public with a neat makeup or stage makeup, so when the husband of the artist Dmitry Pevtsov has shown a spouse without a gram of makeup on my face, many were surprised.

Recently Dmitry Pevtsov son Elisha returned from a short vacation, which they spent at sea.

Father and son did not want to use the services of carriers or public transport and poisoned on a long journey by car.

Dmitry Pevtsov son On the way back Dmitry spent 21 hours not letting go of the steering wheel of the car. “So long in ONE place I did not sit even once in life. Thank God, the company has got a good, got here safely,” admitted the actor in his Instagram. At home my son and husband were waiting for Olga Drozdova. Despite the early hour Dmitry did a family photo and posted it to his blog. Since men arrived in the morning, Olga met them at home in shorts, a light jacket and no makeup on my face. Fans of the artist first discovered her nose, forehead and cheeks with tiny freckles.

Some users decided that even without makeup, a 55-year-old actress looks great, others however, believe that she lost lustre.

Recall that this year, 36 years after entering into a formal marriage, Olga Drozdova has finally taken her husband’s name and became Olga Pavlovoj.

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