Olga Freimut not hesitate to spread the Network of bed the

Ольга Фреймут не постеснялась выложить в Сеть постельный снимок

Popular TV host Olga freymut rarely shares with fans the details of his personal life, but in her microblog appear new frames and arguments on different topics. This time a mother with many delighted fans of the sun, which showed slender legs.

Olga posing in a blue summer dress with a floral print and a plunging neckline. It has a radiant smile at the camera, sitting on the bed in his room. In the caption to the photo, the star has decided to raise important, in her opinion, the question for all the girls. The issue of personal space and their own room.

I love the Hem. And my apartment on Spasskaya street, and this imperfect like a impressionist painting, the view from the window… Girls, do everything you can to have “their own room” – I’m already quoting Virginia Woolf. Have a good weekend, shared the reasoning of the celebrity.

Fans of Olga seized the opportunity to write for her compliments, admire her appearance: “And this is the mother of three children! You you look wonderful!”, “Incredibly beautiful and shapely”, “Olga, You’re an angel,” “As 18-year-old girl!”, “Great shot”.

Ольга Фреймут не постеснялась выложить в Сеть постельный снимок