Olga Gorbachev shared recipes recuperation

Ольга Горбачева поделилась рецептами восстановления сил

These tips help her in any condition to conduct online courses for women either act c music training on the stage. Their artist-mentor generously shares with everyone to strengthen the immune system in conditions of quarantine.

  1. First, the food. Eat less now will not work, but you need to try to put a limit on some foods that cause you the heavy, dull condition and do not add you strength. You can make a ban on meat products, for example, either all the animal food, especially now that post, and it is no coincidence that it coincided with all these events. I, for one, given my addiction to food, decided not to use in the quarantine starchy and sweet. But most importantly, teach us always to post, “not the middle”.
  2. Assume that many couples will now face a crisis not only in the world but also in the relationship. To escape from each other, nowhere to relax and be yourself, too, so all that was suppressed comes out. Even in those couples where everything went smoothly, you will accumulate fatigue and nervousness from the bad news, permanent life, lessons with the children and routine. As a family to deal with it, depends on the emotional state of the woman.
  3. The better solution is to consciously give myself an hour or two a day, to put others before the fact, to close, even in the bathroom, at least in the room to hear some of the filling, to meditate, to dance, to exercise, in any case not to spend time for filling in social networks. It’s crucial to limit surfing the Internet, in principle, to know what is happening in the world from your husband or other adult male in your family. So a woman will keep your emotional background and will help your man cope with the upcoming challenges.
  4. I see that don’t panic, hysteria and fatigue those women who spends time on self-development. I’m now online in parallel two streams of the course “the 7 lives of women. The power of balance” and a single thread “the Power of money. Mistress of dragons”, I pass by all participating practices, and we are so feel good, despite that I decided to put some of that content into open access.
  5. Every evening at 20:00 live its Instagram account I share unique harmonizing meditation. They are included in paid courses, so to save the ether for a day, I will not, I invite you all to join it on the broadcast. The more people at the same time harmonize field around itself, the happier it becomes around.

In addition, Gorbachev advised to use an effective tool for lifting immunity, which will always be at your fingertips. This affirmation is a powerful motivational phrase for body strength and health. Their artist-mentor recommends repeated at least 10 minutes a day in front of a mirror and loudly, joyfully and with a smile said:

I choose health

I’m alive and I’m full of energy

in my cell – the life force

“Our subconscious does not understand negative or positive the meaning of words. It thinks in images. And if you think “I don’t want to get a coronavirus,” in this moment it will be to scroll the image in my head of a sick, not healthy. So let’s train a new positive thinking. This is the best help affirmations. This is the most simple and effective thing you can do to boost the vitality and immunity of these days” – says Olga Gorbachev.