Olga Sumskaya: “I worked very hard on mom, she was in labor with me for two days”

Ольга Сумская: "Я очень тяжело далась мамочке, она рожала меня двое суток"

Olga Sumy was 53 years old actress told the “news” as I congratulated her husband and other close people, and also admitted what dishes she wants to see on the holiday table and they don’t like brand pie cherries, which bakes husband.

– Olga, happy birthday! As you congratulated my husband that gave?

Luxurious bouquet, and many other gifts – it was nice. And congratulated song – sang to the guitar your favorite music, this is the most important. It is inspiring and gave a new feel. They do a lot in our repertoire, but there is one chic song “my love has beautiful eyes”, which Vitaly wrote himself. It is elegant and I love this song. And so I sang it again and again. I can listen to it endlessly.

– At you today the working day or in honor of the holiday take the day off?

Today with Vitaly we are concert “national business leaders”. I think that’s a good sign to start the year with business leaders. So will the fart for the whole year. Actually, I like to celebrate the birthday of working – honoring you on stage, love it when this day is saturated and bright.

– A bit strange to hear that there are artists who refuse on principle to any work in the day of his birth, even if offered an increased fee. Didn’t want to give up?

– No, I have this day do not book, and if I still have the fee increase, it might be nice. I will not dissemble, I do not believe these people who say that they refuse consciously from work, unless it’s some superstar. We’re the stars of the earth, though popular.

– Plan to spend a festive evening, go to a restaurant or home?

The concert is quite heavy so will be waiting for me at home set the table and we sit in the family circle. It will be the most pleasant what you can only dream of. Raise your glasses and will not overeat – you need to be in good shape.

– Then what dish would you like to see on the table?

Now I prefer the seafood – I would like to have lobster, paella. I love delicious treats and the birthday party can afford. It was the case, Vitali me to the birthday of cooked squid stuffed with shrimp. Oh, if he had time today, I would bake his trademark cake with cherries – it can eat up a mountain. He cuts his pieces and imperceptibly you can eat everything, but it is very risky for the figure.

– Who congratulated you already?

– Anya, our daughter. In General, the day began bright and colorful. Here we have two doggies running around mom. First and foremost, on this day, I always congratulate his mommy, the Keeper of our family Sumy – Anna Ivanovna. You know, I worked very hard on mom, she was in labor with me for two days. So I always owe her a favor. I always remember this story and have no idea how in those days it was difficult. Our mom is the Energizer, the wisest, and the kindest. Never any conflict – just a Holy man.

– Besides her husband and mother, who still is today at the holiday table?

– All my near and dear ones who will be able to join us at such a late hour. Still later, the feast is not welcome, but sometimes you want to cheer up the situation.

Ольга Сумская: "Я очень тяжело далась мамочке, она рожала меня двое суток"