Olga Sumskaya shared a magical staff from vacation with daughters

Ольга Сумская поделилась волшебными кадрами с отдыха с дочерьми

The famous Ukrainian actress Olga Sumska despite the busy schedule found time for his family. The star decided to spend the day with her daughters by inviting them for a walk in Kiev.

Corresponding frames of the actress posted on the official instagram page. Olga Sumskaya went for a walk on an autumn Kiev, accompanied by a 29-year-old Antonina Papernaya and 17-year-old Anna Borisyuk. Three beauties walked along the famous streets of the capital, in particular, to the Hem.

In addition, Olga Sumskaya had lunch with her daughters in the restaurant. Ukrainian actress chose a fish restaurant, located in the center of Kiev.

Warm, Sunny, autumn evening… Kiev, places. And my daughters,
with gentleness wrote Olga Sumskaya.

For the average yield of the famous Ukrainian beauties chose casual style. So, Olga Sumskaya adorned in a pink jacket with a gray sweatshirt and pants. But her daughter chose for walks sneakers, pants with jackets and coats.

As you know, Olga Sumskaya rarely can spend time with both children. All because the 29-year-old Antonina papernaya lives in Moscow and is a common-law wife of Russian actor Vladimir Yaglych. In 2018, she gave birth to daughter eve, which is still not shown to the public. Therefore, during a rare visit to Kyiv Antonina her family can arrange such a holiday.

At the same time, the younger daughter of actress – Anna Borisyuk – have enrolled in one of the capital’s universities. So time to relax in each of the three beauties little.