Olive oil reduces stroke risk even for occasional use – study

Оливковое масло снижает риск инсульта даже при редком употреблении - исследование

In humans, only occasionally using olive oil, the stroke risk is significantly lower than in those who did not use this oil never, showed a study conducted in France.

According to the results obtained by researchers from the University of Bordeaux, diet, involving frequent consumption of olive oil reduces the risk of stroke in the elderly by more than a third.

“Olive oil helps in “cleaning out” of the arteries. Its presence in the diet is a simple but effective way to maintain a good condition of the cardiovascular system,” stated the scientists.

The study authors analyzed the medical history 7625 people aged about 65 years, tracing all the changes in health status over five years. Scientists have established that people who use olive oil in home cooking, 41% less likely to suffer strokes. The experts stated that even in cases where people only from time to time, used olive oil as a dressing for salads, stroke risk was significantly lower in comparison with those who never ate.

According to scientists, olive oil also enhances protection of the body against the development of diabetes, high blood pressure, excess cholesterol and obesity. But consume too much of this product is not worth it. Experts point out that like any oil, olive is extremely rich in calories – it should take into account even the zealous adherents of a healthy lifestyle.