OLKH-delivery: what is it and how to make

Many sellers in the segment of online trading work only on a prepaid basis. Buyers are in no hurry to send money anywhere without seeing the product. With the advent of service OLKH-delivery sell and purchase has become easier and the number of frauds decreased.

Facts ICTV tell what OLKH-shipping: how it works, what are the benefits and how to use the service.

How does OLKH shipping?

OLKH-delivery is the opportunity to buy goods without payment to receive it in any branch for New mail throughout Ukraine.

The buyer orders the goods on OLKH and indicates your card number at the online form on the website. The required amount is blocked on the card but not transferred to the seller. The seller then receives the order and sends the goods to the New post. The customer inspects the goods and if everything is in order, takes it. At this moment blocked the funds on the card transferred to the account of the seller.

Among the advantages of OLKH-delivery:

  1. Payment only after inspection of the goods.
  2. Security and protection from fraud. Reliable sellers, you can track the icon OLKH-delivery.
  3. Privacy. The money comes without disclosure of the card number.
  4. Reliable and fast delivery of New mail – the largest Ukrainian service with a well-developed service network.
  5. Instant return to the buyer the blocked money in case of failure.
  6. High speed: 80% of the sellers ship the item within 24 hours after receiving the order.

Financial transactions go through the national instant money transfer service UAPAY. The company has been certified for safety standards of international payment systems VISA/Mastercard.

How to buy the product with OLKH-delivery?

  1. We find the ad on the website OLKH icon Buy delivery.
  2. Specify information about sending: your name, mobile number, city (town) receiving, convenient office New mail.
  3. Specify the credit card details: number, expiry date and CVV/CVC. This information is confidential and shall not be disclosed to third parties. Next, in the SMS received code to confirm the debit – it also needs to be entered on the website.
  4. If you receive a message the Payment is successful, then the money blocked in the service UAPAY. The seller then confirms the order, forms Express invoice and ships the goods to the New post. Number Express invoice, the buyer can check in your personal Cabinet.
  5. Received the parcel in the Department of New mail. It is necessary to give the number of Express invoice and passport. Don’t forget to pick up the goods within five days from the moment of delivery, otherwise on the 5th day he will return to the sender.

You can cancel the order before it was confirmed by the seller. If the seller for some reason does not confirm the order, the money will be refunded to the card within 5-6 days.

Knowing the number Express invoice, you can track the delivery status of your parcel via the personal profile on the website OLKH and also in mobile app and on the website of the New mail.

How to sell a product with OLKH-delivery?

  1. When placing a new or editing an existing ad connect the service OLKH-delivery.
  2. Indicates the city Department for New mail which will be sent, the weight and volume of the goods, the credit card details for payment. A nice bonus: next to the announcement icon will appear Buy delivery that will attract the attention of buyers.
  3. Receive and confirm payment for the goods by the buyer. After that formed the Express invoice. According to the rules of the service OLKH the seller has two days to confirm the order, and three days to pass it to send New mail.
  4. Passing the goods to be sent to New mail.
  5. Get the money after the recipient will pick up the goods at the post office.

What are the limitations on the service OLKH shipping?

The service can be ordered for delivery of goods weighing up to 30 kg. also takes into account the volume of the cargo: the longest side should not be more than 120 cm goods must be in the range from 30 to 24 799 UAH.

OLKH-shipping does not apply to goods of the following categories:

  • business and services;
  • Pets;
  • transport;
  • tires, wheels, wheels for car;
  • plants;
  • Windows, doors, mirrors;
  • metal;
  • finishing, facade and cladding materials;
  • large household appliances (refrigerators, washing machines and dishwashers);
  • electronic cigarettes, ecig.

How is the payment services OLKH shipping?

To pay for suitable all card individuals issued by Ukrainian banks, connected to international payment system Visa or MasterCard. The seller may only use the card in UAH, and the buyer – hryvna or foreign currency. Please note that cards issued for the FLP, not suitable for the payment or receipt of money for goods.

OLKH service delivery, including in case of return of the goods paid by the buyer in accordance with the tariffs for New mail. For the transfer of funds the Bank may charge Commission according to the terms applicable on your card.

Financial partner UAPAY additionally charges a Commission to the buyer:

  • for owners of cards Visa – 0,3% from cost of the goods + 3 UAH.
  • for holders of MasterCard – 0.45% of the value of the goods + 3 UAH.

When making the purchase through the service OLKH the cost of delivery is calculated automatically on the basis of data about the city of the seller and the buyer, and the weight and volume of cargo (specified by the seller when the service is OLKH-delivery). At the time of receipt in the office of the New mail delivery charge may vary if some data was changed.

Facts ICTV told me that from 1 June the New mail cancels free package holding more than seven calendar days.