Olya Cybulski stole the car: details

У Оли Цибульской украли автомобиль: детали

The famous Ukrainian singer and presenter Olly Cybulski stole the car. The star shared the details related to the car and asks for help to find the culprit.

The celebrity said on his page on Instagram.

The singer posted a photo of his car, drawing attention sign of trouble and the words “Stole my car”.

STOLE A CAR! 8171 VK VH Toyota Raw4 Hybrid black. 17-19:00 at Park-syretskaya 9 in Kiev. Parked near Syrets Park,
– wrote under the Olga Cybulski.

After that she was encouraged to write her personal messages to those who do it could help in the search and asked to share the photo.

У Оли Цибульской украли автомобиль: детали

A screenshot of Insta-stories