Olya Polyakova performed his hit operatic voice, great video

Оля Полякова исполнила свой хит оперным голосом: потрясающее видео

Popular singer Olga Polyakova was struck by the network: the actress sang his hit “flip flops” in an Opera voice. Did it during an entertainment show, surprising all the spectators in the Studio and in YouTube.

In Ukraine started the entertainment project “Amazing people”, one of the experts which is the “superblondinka” Olya Polyakova. On the show, the star is actively involved in the discussion and even demonstrates his vocal capabilities.

Recently in the network appeared the fragment of the new edition of the project, where Olya Polyakova performed their rousing hit, “flip flops”. To show their vocal abilities, she decided after a 12-year-old Ukrainian confessed that it is able to identify the names of operas without sound. The actress chose an unusual version of the track to witness the talent of the student.

His vocals Olya Polyakova struck all the spectators, who burst into applause after songs. Not less wonderful was and the talent of Ukrainian student, who effortlessly answered all the questions. So 12-year-old Oleg Olive became the winner of the 4 edition of the show.

As Olya Polyakova quail your track, “flip flops” Opera voice: watch the video

And so hit the “Spanking” sounds on all TV channels: watch the video