Olya Polyakova sent the eldest daughter in a modeling camp: photo

Оля Полякова отправила старшую дочь в модельный лагерь: фото

Ukrainian singer Olya Polyakova sent his daughter Mary in her first modeling camp under the guidance of a supermodel and the jury of the reality show “Top model in Ukrainian,” Alla Kostromicheva.

The Singer informed fans on his page in Instagram.

The star published a photo of Boryspil airport, where she poses with the eldest daughter Mary, the younger Alice and Alla Kostromicheva.

Masha is flying in its first model camp… Daughter, be a good girl, will not burn – use the cream, comb your hair and be a good girl. Love
– added in the caption the singer.

For flights Masha and Alla has picked up similar and convenient “Luke”, which consisted of white sneakers, pants sudovogo colors and t-shirts.

“Thank you, dear, for your confidence,” replied Kostromicheva in the comments of the Ola.