Olya Polyakova told me that he spent 50 thousand euros with card husband

Оля Полякова рассказала, на что потратила 50 тысяч евро с карточки мужа

Ukrainian singer Olya Polyakova told about his first trip to France when she had spent large amounts of money from a credit card her husband Vadim.

About it Olga said Ekaterina Osadchaya in “social life”. Polyakova, who this year celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary with her husband, recalled how he went to Paris with her mother and future husband gave her his platinum card.

Then in the French capital the singer has spent a large amount of money on wardrobe from luxury brands. Star explains such expenditures that she was “very young and undressed”.

He gave me her platinum card and I spent 50 thousand euros. At that time, as now it was 150 thousand. The prices were in three or even four times cheaper than it is now. I was very young and undressed, and I had to cover their private parts, so I went to cover them in the coolest boutiques: Dior, Prada, Chanel,
– remembered celebrity.

Add Olya Polyakova and Vadim got married in 2004. During married life the couple had two daughters – Mary and Alice. Star rarely shows the face of her husband on social networks, but Vadim was the singer for the strong support and love.

On 15th wedding anniversary my husband gave Ola the car, and she Vadim – a bottle of alcohol.

“He has ordered a machine, he walked for a long time, a year from America and came the day when we had our 15th anniversary. He had to give this car to me, and I gave him a nice bottle of whiskey that he had drunk from a grief that he did not have a car. And so he already has everything” – said Polyakov.