Olympus sells the business of manufacturing cameras

Olympus продает бизнес по производству фотокамер

Olympus sells part of the business that produces the camera. It lasted for 84 years, but the last three years have brought some losses, reports Delfi.

The company said that one of the factors of failures in recent years was the booming smartphone market.

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In 2011, the company suffered a major financial scandal involving senior executives.

His first camera the Semi-Olympus I, the company issued in 1936, the company manufactured only lenses Zuiko, the case was made by another company. And before that Olympus made microscopes and thermometers. Camera Semi-Olympus I was worth 103 then the Japanese yen with the average monthly salary of 75 yen.

Olympus introduced two new cameras

But the finest hour of the company was the release of Pen camera in 1959. It was compact, lightweight, and 35 mm standard film for 36 shots she was taking 72 pictures. Professional photographers often use it as a second camera. Pen has become one of the most popular models Olympus.

Another successful product was the camera OM-1, released in 1972. She weighed only 660 grams, compared to similar cameras of its competitors, which weighed more than a kilogram.

For this system, the company has released several compact interchangeable lenses. Due to its compactness, quietness, reliability and the possibility of changing the accessories series OM has become popular among professionals.

Sony has agreed to become a shareholder of Olympus

In 1996 the company released the first affordable digital camera that shot 810 thousand pixels compared to 10 thousands of competitors for virtually the same money.

In 2003 was released the first digital camera standard mount lenses to 4/3. Sensor size the standard was four times less, which reduced the size of the camera and its weight, so it was more like a “soapbox.”

The company will continue producing microscopes and other optical equipment. The deal with Japan Industrial Partners, should be completed by the end of 2020.

“We believe that this is the right step to preserve the heritage of the company, its products and technologies. Olympus sees this as an opportunity that will allow our business to grow in photography and to please our old fans and to attract new ones,” – said in a statement.