Omeljan praised itself for reform and promised to drink champagne for the detectives to NAB

Омелян похвалил себя за реформы и пообещал выпить шампанского за детективов НАБУ

“The roads are restored, people are able to travel by planes cheaper than ever”, – the Minister noted in the list posted.

The Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian called directions to the court indictment regarding his illicit enrichment “theater of the absurd”.

My opinion on this occasion, the Minister wrote on the page in Facebоok.

Thus Omeljan likened himself to the acting Minister of health Ulyana Suprun, noting that they “initiate and carry out reform,” and against them “is such an unscrupulous and low game”.

“The road Fund is working, roads are being restored, people are able to travel by planes cheaper than ever. More and more foreign companies create in Ukraine new jobs. Signed the largest contract in the history of Ukraine at $ 1 billion for the manufacture of locomotives without a penny of corruption money. Cargo traffic at ports is increasing, despite the siege of Azov. it’s all made by me and my team. For this I received several waves of campaigns on my discredit, harassment of family members, the case NABOO. But reforms will continue,” – wrote Omelian.

He added that the money spent to NAB the case, “exceed what they consider illicit enrichment at times.”

“Tonight will definitely raise a glass of Crimean champagne to the health of more than a dozen detectives who heroically investigated for a year and a half of my business, the leadership of the organization and their friends,” he promised Omeljan.